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Year 2023

Ph. D. Students@ SolResLab

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Ms. Akriti Singh

Ms. Akriti Singh

Ph. D. Scholar, JWU, Jaipur

SolResLab is hosting Ms. Akriti for her Ph.D. research program on bioluminiscence from 11-01-2024

Phytoplasma genome sequencing-Selective eukaryotic genome amplification followed with sequencing

Stevia rebudiana is investigated for endophytes isoation from leaf and stem tissues followed with the microbial ability to synthesize steviosides (Since 25-10-23)

LAMP protocol optimization for detection of the microbes and development as a kit

Sybr green based assays for quality chek analysis of the RNA seq experiments

We are optimizing various vectors and hosts for successful isolation of good quality proteins for downstream experimentations at SolResLab